Being an ardent fan of the great Indian singing legend, Mohammed Rafi (1924-1980), my efforts in transliterating and translating his songs into English language is my way of  a Tribute to his eternal memory.   Apart from being a legendary playback singer, Mohammed Rafi Sahaab was a great humanitarian which reflects in his songs.  Truly, he was a Sufi who had strayed in the tinsel town of Bollywood.   Some like Vasant Desai  have said about Rafi Sahaab:  Rafi ek shaapit Gandharva thaah jo apne praayshchit ke liye dharti par aayaa thaah…’  In other words, he was an Angel who had lost his way  to earth.  May Rafi Sahaabs  fame and name endure for all times to come!

In this Blog, i.e. Nasir’s Eclectic Blog No.2, only Peppy Songs of Rafi Sahaab are posted.  For other categories of Songs, i.e. Sad, Romantic, Philosophical, Devotional, etc., you need to visit my original Blog No.1, which is named Nasir’s Eclectic Blog.  

Thank you for dropping by!  


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